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Pleasant dispositionG--- M---
Unsuccessful rabbit villageB----- W-----
Mario's siestaP------ S------
David Koresh's favorite Mexican restaurantW--- T---
A hard day in the wine-stopper factoryC--- W---
God Save the Queen, for oneB------ R------
Weather hazard for ArakisW--- S----
Are these my tights or yours?W---- H---
Non-Specific ailmentV---- A---
'Black and Blue' 'Coffee-Rubbed' 'Dry-Aged'S---- S----
Harry Potter's right, for exampleW--- H---
Put off essential gardening dutiesW---- L----
Poorly Drawn PrimateW----- M-----
Canine putt-puttW--- G---
Black pudding, for exampleB---- F---
Fancy governing bodyO----- S-----
Terrifying vespid snakeW--- A--
Authority in charge of nit-pickingL--- P-----
A sickly Jemima, perhapsG---- A---
Ron Weasley's digitG----- F-----
Eddard or BoromirS--- B---
Arrive at your domicileC--- H---

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