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Can you name the words in this 5-letter word ladder about infectious disease?

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With Rung 27, once known as the Sin Nombre Virus
Beginning of Arnold's catchphrase
Armored freshwater catfish native to South America
With Rung 22, a West African disease carried by rats
Tool of a cowboy's trade
Lousiana ham delicacy
Espresso vessel, demi_____
Out of fashion
To make sense of, esp. a sentence
River in Northern Central Russia
Energy drink featuring six purple 'superfoods'
Gas station sight, or women's shoes
Easily preventable disease causing inflammation of the Parotid glands
The Bactrian Camel has two
Cultivars of Cannabis sativa , particularly those not used recreationally
Varying cofactors found in blood
Curved pieces of metal or wood attaching a horse's collar to its reins
The wealthy, slangily
Scottish: to talk foolishly
Boleyn Castle in Kent
Elevated body temperature
£5, slangily
To live in Spain?
Juan Luis _____, father of modern psychology
Legal term meaning 'beyond the powers':ultra _____
An infectious agent that replicates withint he cells of another living organism

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