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Forced Order
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One of the most important leaders in the Second Great Awakening. Held long revival meetings and challenged traditional protestants
Newspaper editor who promoted the wearing of baggy pants for women, so they could move about better and be more comfortable
The bicentennial was a celebration of 200 years after th assigning of the Declaration of Independence. Who was elected president that year?
On her honeymoon to London in 1840, she realized that World Anti-Slavery Convention did not allow women to participate. Later, she wrote the Declaration of Sentiments for a women's
The energetic organizer behind the women's rights movement. Convinced New York to give married women rights to property and wages but did not stop there
Wrote haunting stories and poems like 'The Raven'
Wrote, 'I'm Nobody! Who are you? Are you - Nobody - too?'
IN the very beginning of 1861 the United States was beginning to fall apart. Who was president in January 1861?
Wrote: ' I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars'
Wrote about time a Walden Pond and civil disobedience
The Great War was raging in 1915, who was president?
Wrote 'The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere' and 'Hiawatha'
Seeing that the mentally ill were often just put in jails chained and beaten, fought for better treatment of the mentally ill
THe most famous conductor on the Underground Railroad who after escaping slavery, returned to the South 19 times to aid more than 300 slaves seeking freedom
Founded the first free American school for hearing impaired people
Famous for his paintings of the Mandan, Sioux, Blackfoot and Crow Indians
Admitted to medical school because the students who voted thought it was a joke; became the first woman to graduate from an AMerican medical school
Former slave who spoke out for women's rights with her 'Ain't I a woman' speech
Published the Liberator. Said Where there is a human being, I see God-given rights
Former slave who created the North Star. Spoke out against slavery and supported women's rights.
Former slave who founded the influential African Methodist Episcopal Church or AME Church
Took 20 years to write the AMerican Dictionary of the English Language
Which president inaugurated in 1837 had to deal with that year's Panic
Was not able to go to college but founded Mount Holyoke College
Harvard professor who encouraged his students to create a unique AMerican voice and thus inspiring people like Emerson and Thoreau
Opened the Perkins School of rthe Blind in Massachusetts
THe Father of AMerican Education
Lectured publicly against slavery in 1837 and wrote Letters on the Equality of the Sexes
Wrote about 'blank looking girls... all blankly folding paper' describing a paper mill. Also wrote Moby Dick
Wrote about the hard conditions of faced by workers in an iron mill

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