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This city, which is also an animal, depicts that animal in its logos.
This US city's teams all wear the same colors
The only 'human' logo who's shirtless.
The only NHL logo with its states flag.
Which two NBA teams have mountain ranges in their logos?
What letter can be seen in the Canadiens logo? (besides C)
Which of these NBA teams does NOT have a basketball in its logo? Celtics, Hawks, Nuggets, Wizards
This NFL team shares a logo with a Peach State college team
This NHL logo's 'eye' can't see
Out of all the NFL 'bird' teams, which is the only team that doesn't have the face of the bird on the helmet?
How many NFL teams have stars in their logos?
These two NBA logos are in the process of making a shot through a circle.
The only logo in the process of eating.
The Baltimore Oriole is perched on this letter.
The only NFL logo with a tongue.
This NFL team's logo is on the feet of this other NFL team's nickname
Counting the seconds between these two teams can tell you how far away they are
Which two NFL teams have very similar looking logos? Hint - One is 'alive', one is 'dead'
How many MLB teams have a baseball bat in their logo?
The only three logos that have facial hair.
This MLB team has a scoreboard in the same shape as its logo
These two NBA logos are wearing a hat.
The only logo that's 'extinct'.
This MLB logo is in the shape of home plate.
Which team's logo has the outline of a city in its background?

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