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Can you name the crazy predictions of the upcoming decade based on the clues given?

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This one-time 0-16 team will win a Super Bowl
This Show Me superstar will shock baseball and admit to using steroids
The USA will win this 'global' event for the first time ever
A team will drop and break this heavy, silver trophy after winning it
According to Back to the Future II, this team will win the championship in 2015
After countless hours of debate, this 3 letter college system will still be around in 2020
At age 50, this QB, after retiring in 2019, comes back to play again in 2020
The Red Sox and Yankees play the longest game in baseball history, playing this many innings
This NFL player breaks a TV record and stars in his 1,000th commerical
ESPN changes its name to honor this 'king' to LBJN, standing for this
This college football school will fire 10 coaches in 10 years after going 6-6 each year
For the first time in history, after 60 minutes, the Super Bowl will go into...
After a 62 year drought, this city will finally win a championship
In 2015, this beverage will cost more at a game than the actual ticket
A World Series will end on this nervous reaction by a pitcher
A player over the age of 50 will win one of the 4 'championships' in this sport

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