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QUIZ: Can you name the Characters of Final Fantasy VII?

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flower girl
main protagonist
ninja thief from Wutai
member of AVALANCHE
another member of AVALANCHE
former Shinra hero
original owner of the Buster Sword
main protagonist of Crisis Core
was killed in his own office
spent 30 years in a coffin
leader of the Turks
newest member of the Turks
Turk who destroyed sector 7
the bald Turk with glasses
main scientist of Shinra
#15's rival
mother who committed suicide
mysterious girl who vanishes before the game
professor who discoveries the Calamity
a Cetra
the Calamity itself
king of the slums with an interest in having a bride
likes his little 'bubby'
has a crush on #5
foster mother of the last Cetra
leader in Wutai
man with a gun arm
#29's daughter, left in the care of #6
the young boy suffering from geostigma
leader of the Remnants
Remnant with a childlike mind
the third Remnant
Goddess of the Planet
director of SOLDIER
becomes president after his father dies
The Colourless Tsviet
scientist working with the WRO to help her sister
The Immaculate Tsviet
The Cerulean Tsviet
The Crimson Tsviet
The Sable Tsviet
robotic cat
leader of the WRO
last of his kind
'grandpa' of Cosmo Canyon
warrior who was mistaken for a coward
assistant who cost Shinra the space mission
scientist who gave birth to a experiment
man in charge of Shinra's defenses
woman with an insane laugh
in 'control' of the space program
members of AVALANCHE who all died
commander in chief of the Turks
original leader of AVALANCHE
original member of AVALANCHE - Intelligence
original member of AVALANCHE - Battle Logistics
AVALANCHE operative

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