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Forced Order
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Procedure of first offering an extremely favorable deal and then making additional demands after the other person has committed to the deal
Freud's second stage of psychosexual development; here, psychosexual pleasure foucses on the anus
Expectation that alters one's behavior in such a way as to increase the probability of the predicted event
Disorder characterized by frequent bouts of moderate anxiety and occasional attacks of sudden increased heart rate, chest pains, difficulty breating, sweating, faintness, and tremb
Projective personality technique; a person is asked to tell a story about each of 20 pictures
According to Freud a period in which psychosexual interest is suppressed and dormant
Repetitive, almost almost irresistable action
Disorder in which people are almost constantly plagued by exaggerated worries
The principle that the more often we come into contact with someone or something, the more we tend to like that person or object
Tendency to 'loaf' (or work less hard) when sharing work with other people
Condition in which a person alternates between periods of depression and periods of mania
Method of reducing fear by gradually exposing people to the object of their fear
Process by which the members of a group suppress their doubts about the group's poorly thought-out decision for fear of making a bad impression or disrupting group harmony
Release of pent-up emotions associated with unconscious thoughts and memories
Attribution of one's own undesirable characteristics to other people
Thought processes we use to assign causes to our own behavior and to the behavior of others
Tendency to attribute internal causes more often for other people's behavior and external more often for one's own behavior
Maintaining or changing one's behavior to match the behavior or expectations of others
Unfounded belief that is stongly held despite evidence against it
Diversion of a thought or behavior away from its natural target toward a less threatening target
Refusal to believe information that provokes anxiety
Five traits that account for a great deal of human personality differences; neuroticism, extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness to new experiences
Disorder characterized by tremors and involuntary movements
Projective personality technique; people are shown 10 inkblots and asked what each might be depicting
Accepting some cost or risk to help others
Treament using a brief electrical shockthat is administered across a patient's head to induce a convulsion similar to epilepsy, sometimes used as a treatment for certain types of d
Self-destructive habit that someone finds difficult or impossible to quit
Procedure that measures how fast someone responds to a category that combines a topic with pleasant words or unpleasant words
The characteristics, behaviors, emotions, and thoughts to which a person aspires
Trade name for disulfiram, a drug used in the treatment of alcoholism

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