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Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (3rd edition) IQ test commonly used with adults
Memory for specific events in a person's life
People's perveiced risk that they might do sometihng that supports an unfavorable stereotype about their group
Technique for decreasing or restraining displays of anger
Information associated with remembered material, which can be useful for helping to recall that material
Spontaneous expression that includes movement of both the mouth muscles and certain muscles near the eyes
Correlation between scores on a first test and on a retest
IQ test that attempts to measure abstract reasoning without the use of language or recall of facts
Method of testing memory by asking someone to rememeber a certain item after being given a hint
Putting together an account of past events, based partly on memories and partly on expectations of what must have happened
Condition in which people who have endured extreme stress feel prolonged anxiety and depression
Very brief, involuntary expressions of fear, anger, or other emotions
Method of testing memory by measuring how much faster someone can relearn something than learn something for the first time
Any memory aid that is based on encoding each item in a special way
Theory that emotion is merely our perception of autonomic changes and movements evoked directly by various stimuli
Converting a short-term into a long-term memory
Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (4th edition) IQ test commonly used with children
Ability to perceive, imagine, and understand emotions and to use information in decision making
First important IQ test in the english language
Very brief storage of sensory information
Tendency for people's preformance on IQ tests to improve from one decade or generation to the next
Determination of how well a test measures what it claims to measure
Instruments that attempt to measure an individual's probable preformance in school and similar settings (Intenilligence quotient)
Machine that simultaneously measures heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, and electrical conduction of the skin
Personality characterized by constant competativeness, impatience, anger, and hostility
Basic power of reasoning and using information, including the ability to perceive relationships, solve unfamiliar problems, and gain new types of knowledge
Hinderance that an older memory produces on a newer one
Inability to store new long-term memories
A hormone that enhances metabolism and increases the availability of sugar and other fuels to the cells
Test that uses the polygraph to measure whether a person has information that should be known only by someone guilty of a certain crime or someone who talked with the guilty person

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