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Forced Order
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Oganized way of interacting with objects in the world
Piaget's term for the application of an established schema to new objects or problems
Visual cues that depend on the action of both eyes
Tendency of a previously established association to one stimulus to block the formation of an association to an added stimulus
Fertilized egg cell
Proposal that pain messages must pass through a gate, probably in the spinal cord, that can block these messages
Tendency to perceive objects as unchanging is shape, size and color, despite variations in what actually reaches the retina
Chemicals produced by the brain that have effects resembling those of opiates, such as inhibiting pain
Observed reinforcement or punishment experienced by someone
Thorndike's theory that response followed by a favorable consequence becomes more probable and response followed by an unfavorable consequence becomes less probable
Snail-shapped. fluid-filled structure that contains the receptors for hearing
Proposal that we cope with our fear of death by avoiding thinking about death and by affirming a worldview that provides self-esteem, hope, and value in life
Rule for delivering reinforcement for the first response that the subject makes after a specified period of time has passed
Treatment administered to a group of people all at once
1.) automatic response to an unconditioned stimulus; 2.) stimulus that automatically elicits an unconditional response
Study of people's tendencies to make hits, correct rejections, misses and false alarms
State of having made firm identity decisions without having thought much about them
Piaget's term for the modification of an established schema to fit a new object or problem
Intensity at which a given individual can detect a sensory stimulus 50% of the time; a low threshold indicates that ability to detect faint stimulus
According to Piaget the second stage of intellectual development, in which children lack operations
Concept that objects continue to exist even when one does not see, hear, or otherwise sence them
A.) in classical conditioning the dying out of the conditioned response after repeated presentations of conditioned stimulus without the unconditioned stimulus; B.) in operant cond
Temporary return of an extinguished response after a delay
Learning to make a response that avoids pain or some similar outcome
Odorous chemical, released by an animal, that changes how other members of the species respond to that animal socially
Understanding that other people have a mind too and that each person knows some things that other people don't know
Procedure for developing a sequence of behaviors in which the reinforcement for one response is the opportunity to engage in the next response
Theory that we perceive color in terms of a system of paired opiates: red vs green, yellow vs blue, and white vs black
Identifications of pitch by groups of hair cells responding to each vibrations by producing an action potential
Decrease in the future probability of a response because it lead to the absence of something such as food

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