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First letterGenreHint
AOh no, pew pew, wooo.. Ouch. Run away!
AWow! Whoaa, Let's go!
CVroom vroom
CHaha! Lol!
DSpirits that can be evil or good.
DYou're stupid! No, you are!
ENSFW (Not Safe For Work)
GWhat do you wanna play?
HWhen the opposite gender can't resist you.
HThe past.
HHaha, silly not like I'll get spooked from this... AAFWGWTQWG!!!
JTargeted towards matured girls.
KWhat are A, B, and C? They are Alphabets! Wow, Good job!
MHow did he do that? - _____.
MA Fighting system.
MFighting with heavy-armored suits.
MWeapons, tanks and soldiers.
MLet's find out what happened.
First letterGenreHint
PCatch that dirty criminal.
PThe mind is sensitive and you should take care of it.
RI love you. -Thanks
SWeirdos with sharp sticks.
SWe must wear uniforms and learn? You think this is a game?!
SFuture is here.
STargeted towards big boys.
SLook at that cute boy!
SGirls like each other.
SHe's fast.
SBoys like each other.
SYay, what a fun life.
SCold, airless 'place'.
SSweating like crazy.
SThey are too strong. They can fly!
SBeyond normal.
TSo exciting.
VPrepare your onions and... a cross. Just in case.
YFujoshi's dream.
YFudanshi's dream.

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