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A_t_d_s_s_a_l_s_m_n_a_i_n_s_Noun. Opposition to the withdrawal of state support or recognition from an established church, esp. the Anglican Church in 19th-century England.
A_t_t_a_s_b_t_n_i_t_o_a_i_tNoun. One who disagrees with the concept of or belief in the transubstantiation doctrine.
H_n_r_f_c_b_l_t_d_n_t_t_b_sNoun. The state of being able to achieve honors.
F_o_c_n_u_i_i_i_i_i_i_i_a_i_nNoun. The estimation of something as valueless.
H_p_o_o_o_o_s_r_s_s_u_p_d_l_a_Adjective. Of or pertaining to extremely long words.
P_e_d_p_e_d_h_p_p_r_t_y_o_d_s_Noun. An incomplete form of pseudohypoparathyroidism marked by the same constitutional features but by normal levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood serum.
h_p_t_c_c_o_a_g_o_h_l_c_s_e_t_r_s_o_i_sNoun. A surgical process in which a channel is made to create communication between the gall bladder and the hepatic duct or the intestines.
p_e_m_n_u_t_a_i_r_s_o_i_s_l_c_v_l_a_o_o_i_s_sNoun. An obscure term referring to a lung disease caused by the inhalation of silica dust.
o_s_o_a_n_s_n_u_n_o_i_c_r_c_r_i_a_i_o_e_v_m_d_l_a_yAdjective. Used to describe the structure of the entire human body.
a_q_e_s_l_n_c_l_a_i_o_e_a_e_a_u_i_o_o_u_r_o_i_r_o_i_Adjective. Used to describe the spa waters specifically in Bath, England.

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