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Forced Order
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Game of Thrones begins in the North, which is warded by
who is best friends with the current king
who deposed the former king
who slaughtered Brandon Stark, the namesake of
whose younger brother is
whose eldest brother is
who is killed at a wedding along with his mother
whose nephew
is protected by his helicopter mom
who poisoned her husband
who found out that Robert's children were actually fathered by
who was committing incest with the queen, his sister
whose father is
who hates his youngest son
who loves the prostitute
who serves as a handmaiden to
who at one time is the unfortunate betrothed of
whose minion is
who later tries to get a ransom for
who received her first sword from
who is best friends with
who serves on the Night's Watch under Lord Commander
whose exiled son
serves in the khalasar of the fearsome
who forms an alliance with the 'Beggar King'
who initially controls his younger sister
who fondly remembers her eldest brother
who was married to
who was passed over by her husband as the Queen of Love and Beauty in favor of
whose brother was

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