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Can you name the Game of Thrones people, places, and things that begin with 'C'?

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One of the Seven; represents wisdom and guidance
The seat of House Lannister
Headquarters of the Night's Watch
Wilding allied with the Night's Watch; has 19 wives
Queen Dowager of Westeros
Currently known as Lady Stoneheart
One of the nine regions of Westeros
The language spoken in almost all of Westeros
Reclusive people who live in the swamps of the Neck
Maester at Storm's End; opposes Melisandre
Title granted by a lord; carries the responsibility for defense of a city or castle
Defenders of King's Landing; known as the Goldcloaks
Knightly house from the Westerlands; Notable members are the Hound and the Mountain
Headquarters to the order of the maesters
A non-human race that originally inhabited Westeros

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