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Can you name the classic book titles with one letter changed, added, or removed?

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A boy-wizard attends a wizarding school where he excels at making magic pastries.
A group of young boys stranded on an island discover that survival depends only on your chimney-sweeping skills.
A Danish prince destroys the line of succession when Ophelia discovers that he has been faking it all along.
The creation of the world in seven days by a Canadian crooner.
A boy genius reopens his detective agency after 20 years. He still charges 25 cents (plus expenses).
Another boy genius is sent into outer space to train for Earth's most important battle, only to discover that he was only recruited for his gorgeous legs.
Please sir, don't give me any more. This dish is disgusting, and it doesn't even come with onions!
Gregor Samsa wakes up one morning to discover that he IS READY TO ROCK.
The Compson family struggles to maintain its reputation after Jason is caught at an erotic party wearing an elaborate animal costume.
The story of abused black sea plants and their work for rich Southern white women.
Aliens attack Earth and cause chaos, but it turns out that they just had a growth they needed to get looked at.
The Firemen decide to go electric and purchase a new oven. However, while perfect for cooking chicken, the temperature is just slightly too low for the books.
Raskolnikov is terrified that someone might discover the awful perm he gave that old lady.
During the fire-bombing of Dresden, Billy Pilgrim takes refuge in a comedy club.
A bored young boy receives a present and drives into a new world, only to discover that everyone there just works constantly.
A man spends years searching for a vampire, only to discover that he's wearing the most boring clothes imaginable.
A girl with red shoes searches for a preposition enthusiast.
The most powerful video in the world contains footage of a dessert with an immeasurable amount of citrus flavor.
Five children are invited to visit a recluse's candy workshop, where they are forced to watch endless mathematics lectures.
Captain Nemo explores world's largest hot spring resort.
Immanuel Kant's groundbreaking work on why we vomit.
Mole eats baked beans, then sleeps upside down in bed.
A cryptologist solves puzzles left behind by a famous painter, all leading to an unbelievable... fish?
A black woman talks about her life watching snails and their excreta in turn-of-the-century America.
A man starts an underground group of extremely ambivalent people. The first rule is, meh, maybe I'll make a rule sometime.

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