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These quotes have been translated to Chinese, then back to English. Can you name the movie they're from?

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Translated QuoteMovieOriginal Quote
I'll have her.
I have an old friend to eat.
Say hello to my children!
The line must be drawn here! This is far, no further!
Gold nest nest as their own kennel.
Why is top-down? I **** freeze.
Your scientists are very focused on whether they can, and they do not have to stop to think if they should.
You do not have fun?
You're a shaman, Harry.
They may need our lives, but they will never get us free!
Translated QuoteMovieOriginal Quote
I will return.
Either busy to survive, or rush to death.
Frankly, my dear, I do not give a death.
He looks like? Child?
Your mother is a hamster, your father smell the elder!
Open the hatch door.
Now ride! Now ride! Take the sabotage and the end of the world!
I do not like sand. It is rough, rough, stimulating, it is everywhere.
Mirror on the wall, who is the most fair?
I guess you are the type of a man, a man in helping, no common course given a weekend.

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