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What equation relates pH with the concentrations of an acid, its conjugate, and its acid dissociation constant?
Which critically endangered sea turtle species is named for its bird-like beak?
What disease is caused by an autosomal dominant copy of the IT15 gene?
Which Trinidadian singer told millions of listeners what love is in 1993?
What fictional destination is found 'On a cold desert highway'?
Cryptobranchus alleganiensis is the scientific name for what North American amphibian?
In WWI, the US 369th Infantry Regiment earned what nickname?
In the epic 'Beowulf', in what mead-hall did King Hrothgar reside?
What school of thought argues that pleasure is the most important intrinsic good?
What toymaking giant owns GI Joe, Mr. Potato Head, and Tinkertoy, among others?
When one country has dominion over another, what is the dominant country called?
DNA is often found coiled around proteins, called what?
Any action or object permitted under Islamic law is called what?
What species of bacteria causes stomach ulcers?
What variety of Cannabis satvia is used to make fibers?
What information technology company has its headquarters in Palo Alto and is named after its two founders?
Which fictional eccentric millionaire tried (and failed) to create Jurassic Park?
What gorilla, shot by zookeepers in 2016, became an internet meme?
What type of rocket launcher was developed by Korea to defend against the Japanese in the 1590s?
Who is the founder of Playboy Enterprises?

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