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Members of the family Lepisosteidae include the 'Alligator' and 'Shortnose' species of what fish?
According to Gandalf, which sport was invented when a hobbit decapitated a goblin?
GPS satellites are locked in what kind of orbit, that keeps them positioned in the same place relative to Earth?
What Italian dough dumpling pasta is usually made from potatoes?
What is Rick Astley never gonna do?
Hamida Djandoubi was a Tunisian worker who became the last person in the western world to be executed by what device?
The treaty that ended the War of 1812 was signed in which Belgian city?
A specialized compass on a ship is called a what?
What phase of matter conforms to a container and acquires a uniform density?
Who was Hitler's Minister of Propaganda between 1933 and 1945?
What subgenre of alternative rock originated in Washington state in the 80s?
Who was the last Soviet Premier?
In 'The Lord of the Rings', who killed DeƔgol?
What famous scientist was also an accomplished lutenist?
Which of the four national languages of Spain is spoken in the Northwest?
What kind of tiny flying insect forms huge mating swarms called 'ghosts'?
What branch of medicine deals with the elderly?
During the Spanish Civil War, Pablo Picasso painted what work after the bombing of a city with the same name?
Which of King Arthur's knights, also his nephew, challenged the Green Knight?
Which President, later assassinated, championed civil service reform?

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