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QUIZ: Can you answer the following questions whose answers start with F?

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Which US President died on December 26, 2006?
What slur is used to derogatively refer to the French?
What type of collagen-based connective tissue attaches to and stabilizes muscles?
What city is often called the 'Birthplace of the Renaissance'?
Who wrote 'The Great Gatsby'?
Now the Palace Museum, what Chinese palace was once home of the emperor?
What term, invented by journalist Brady Haran, refers to digital piracy?
Which American actor often stars alongside Seth Rogan?
A deficiency of alpha-galactosidase A causes what disease?
What are the whip-like appendages on some cells called?
What company is the largest exporter of arms in Europe?
The Dire Straits song 'Brothers in Arms' was written in response to a conflict between the UK and Argentina over which islands?
A myotonic goat is a goat that does what when panicked?
What was the first film to feature stereophonic sound?
What is the element with the most metallic characteristics?
In accounting, what term is used to refer to a financial year?
Who led the failed 1845 expedition to the North Pole aboard the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror?
NIbbler is a character from what American animated TV series?
Modern evolutionary synthesis was created by which English statistician and biologist?
The project to build what military vehicle was the most expensive weapons project in history?

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