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In science fiction and fantasy, what term is used to describe an otherworldly or god-like being?
Which Dutch artist used mathematics to draw, most famously, impossible objects?
What 1966 Beatles song contains the lyrics, 'All the lonely people/Where do they all come from?/All the lonely people/Where do they all belong?'
In the TV show 'The Office', which naive receptionist takes the term 'disposable camera' literally?
Which Swiss mathematician introduced the notation f(x) to denote a function?
A short, but difficult musical piece meant to develop technical skill is called a what?
What term is used to refer to species still alive today?
What 1955 movie starring James Dean is a re-telling of the story of Cain and Abel?
What is the smallest positive integer requiring 3 syllables to say?
The 'Buggers' are the main villain of what book by Orson Scott Card?
What Canadian city, the capital of Alberta, has a duck-billed dinosaur named after it?
What language, invented by L. L. Zamenhof, was created to be a universal language?
What small African country was listed by Reporters Without Borders as having the worst press freedom in 2014?
What kind of adhesive resin in used in many industrial and commercial applications due to its high mechanical, temperature, and chemical resistance?
What is the tallest mountain in Europe?
Captains Archer, Kirk, Harriman, Garrett, and Picard all command variants of which Federation starship?
Which Wild West sheriff participated in the Gunfight at the OK Corral?
This chemical element, number 68, lies between Ho and Tm.
What family of venomous snakes includes cobras, sea snakes, and mambas?
What Chilean island, dotted with Moai statues, is the home of the Rapa Niu people?

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