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Which Greek letter is used to denote 'change' in mathematics?
What French electronic music duo wrote the score for the movie 'Tron: Legacy'?
What medium-sized dinosaur had two crests on its skull (but could not spit poison)?
What German 'City of Science' lends its name to element 110 of the Periodic Table?
In linear algebra, what value is used to determine the inverse of a matrix?
A theoretical megastructure that completely surrounds a star to harvest energy is called a what?
What were members of the professional class called among the Celtic peoples?
What TV channel, owned by CEO David Zaslav, airs programming about science, exploration, and technology?
The Allied evacuation of which French city during WWII was portrayed in a film by Christopher Nolan?
What powerful organochloride was used as an insecticide before its worldwide ban in 2001?
Formerly known as Mount McKinley, what is the tallest peak in North America?
What spiky Southeast Asian fruit translates to 'spike' in Malay, and has an extremely pungent aroma?
In 2013, the Tsarnaev brothers detonated bombs at the Boston Marathon. Tamerlan was killed during a shootout. Who was his brother?
Who starred as Benjamin Mee in the 2011 film 'We Bought a Zoo'?
What is the first term of the solfége scale?
What monosaccharide has the idealized formula H−(C=O)−(CH2)−(CHOH)3−H?
In linguistics, what are two adjacent vowels in the same syllable called?
Which Greek philosopher and orator shares his name with the nom-de-plume of an 'Ender's Game' character?
Daniel Webster, Nelson Rockefeller, Mr. Rogers, and Charles Pillsbury all went to what College?
The coconut is not actually a nut. What is it?

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