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Which OneRepublic debut song was nominated for a Grammy in 2009?
What famous American comedian played Tom Haverford in Parks and Recreation?
Which Japanese businessman invented instant ramen noodles?
The word 'Snowman' is preceeded by which word, in a nickname for the Yeti?
What hard mineral, a variety of silica, is popular in jewelry and art?
Who played Pierce in M*A*S*H and Vinick in The West Wing?
David Ospina is the goalkeeper for which English football club?
Who succeeded Brezhnev as General Secretary of the Soviet Union?
What ancient temple in Cambodia translates to 'Capital Temple'?
What condition, which affects bone marrow stem cells, causes a deficiency in all three types of blood cells?
What element is commonly found in smoke detectors?
What European city hosted the 1920 Olympics?
Which Mesopotamian civilization conquered Israel in 740 BC?
What devices, located on an airplane's wings, are used to bank?
What region of the brain is responsible for emotional reactions?
What dinosaur was formerly known as 'Brontosaurus'?
Which American poet wrote 'The Powwow at the End of the World'?
The famous 'Earthrise' photo was taken during which NASA mission?
In the Elder Scrolls universe, to what faction do the Thalmor belong?
What Don McLean song shares its name with a 1999 movie?

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