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Can you name the country given 3 of its rulers?

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Forced Order
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Heonjong, Gojong, Sunjong Asia
Joseph I, Ferdinand VII, Alfonso XIIEurope
Maximilian I, Benito Juárez, Porfirio DíazNorth America
Napoleon I, Adolphe Thiers, Jules GrévyEurope
Tewodros II, Tekle Giyorgis II, Yohannes IVAfrica
Deodoro da Fonseca, Floriano Peixoto, Prudente de MoraisSouth America
Mahmud II, Abdülmecid I, Abdülhamid IIAsia/Africa/Europe
George IV, William IV, VictoriaEurope
Henri I, Philippe Guerrier, Faustin INorth America
John A. Macdonald, Alexander Mackenzie, John AbbottNorth America
Charles XIV John, Oscar I, Charles XVEurope
Francis I, Ferdinand I, Franz Joseph IEurope
Shaka, Dingane, MpandeAfrica
Wilhelm I, Friedrich III, Wilhelm IIEurope
Martin Van Buren, John Tyler, Millard FillmoreNorth America
Constantine Pavlovich, Nicholas I, Alexander IIIEurope/Asia
Fat′h-Ali Shah Qajar, Mohammad Shah Qajar, Naser al-Din Shah QajarAsia
Manuel Dorrego, Santiago Derqui, Bartolomé MitreSouth America
Meiji, Kido Takayoshi, Saigō TakamoriAsia
Daoguang, Xianfeng, GuangxuAsia

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