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QUIZ: Can you name the year in which all of these events happens?

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The First Successful Demonstration of a working Television
The Treaty of Versailles is Signed
The League of Nations is Formed
John F. Kennedy is Assassinated
Robert Baden-Powell leads the first Scouts Group in England
Berlin Wall is brought down
The Falklands War takes place when Argentina invade
Hitler Becomes Leader of the Nazi Party
Mexican Revolution happens
EU is formed
J. Edgar Hoover becomes the Head of the Bureau of Investigation
Simpsons First Airs
Indianapolis Motor Speedway first opens
The First German U-Boat is launched
Orson Welles's radio adaptation of The War of the Worlds is broadcast, causing mass panic in the eastern United States.
World War I begins
World War I Ends
The Space Shuttle Program has its first flight
The First Man Walks on the Moon
England Win the Football World Cup
NASA is formed
Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to make a solo air crossing of the Atlantic Ocean
Hoover Dam Completes Construction
BBC is Formed
The RMS Titanic Found
Casablanca is released
The Wright Brothers Complete the First Successful Human Flight
Frederick Cook claims to have reached the North Pole
Windows 3.1 released by Microsoft
Martin Luther King Jr Recieves the Nobel Peace prize
Jaws is released
President Nixon is involved in the Watergate Scandal
Alcatraz is opened
Route 66 is created
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is Released
Titanic Sinks, April 15th
The Beatles are formed
Alaska and Hawaii become the 49th and 50th State of the US
League of Nations Holds its Final Meeting
Watson and Crick discover that DNA was Shaped as a Double Helix
Einstein Publishes his Theory of Relativity
Muhammad Ali is Stripped of his Heavyweight Title for Refusing Induction into US Army
Princess Diana is killed
First Ever Wholly Computer Generated Film, Toy Story, is released
The Concorde Makes its First Commercial Flight
Mao Zedong becomes Chairman of the Peoples Republic of China
US Troops are withdrawn from Vietnam
USSR Launches first Artificial Satellite, Sputnik 1
World Population Reaches 6 billion
Ellis Island Closes
France and Belgium leave the Ruhr
Freddie Mercury Dies
The Year of the Moscow Uprising
Disney Release Alice in Wonderland
D-Day/Normandy Landings takes place
Space Invaders Created
The Infamous Apollo 13 Mission to the Moon Fails
First Teddy Invented
Hitler becomes Chancellor
The Hubble Telescope is put into Operation
Alabama Bus Segregation Laws Declared Illegal by US Supreme Court
Berlin Wall Begins Construction
The CIA is established
Korean War Begins
Martin Luther King Jr is Assassinated
The Soviet Union Signs the Warsaw Pact
Blood Types ABO are discovered
The Empire State Building Completes Construction
The US don't go to the Moscow Olympics
Japan launches an attack on Pearl Harbour
The Year of the Wall Street Crash
Margaret Thatcher Becomes Britain's First Female Prime Minister
The First Mobile Phones, are Introduced to the Public by the Motorola Company.
Walt Disney World Theme Park is Opened.
The Original Star Wars is Released to Cinema
Hitler is arrested for the Beer Hall Putsch
The Year of the Battle of the Somme
Nelson Mandela Elected as First Black President of South Africa
The Pentagon Building is completed
World War II begins
The Year of the Cuban Missile Crisis
World War II Ends
700 Year Old Wing of York Minster Destroyed by Fire
Sir Alexander Fleming rediscovers Penicillin
The First Animal is Cloned and Named Dolly the Sheep
Malcolm X is Assassinated
The Russian Revolution
Constantinople is renamed to Istanbul
South Africa leaves the British Empire
The United States tests the first hydrogen bomb
Amelia Earhart Vanishes over the Pacific Ocean
NYC Grand Central Terminal reopens as the world's largest railroad station.
Queen Victoria Dies
A Nuclear Reactor leaks in Chernobyl, Ukraine
IRA Begins Bombing Campaign on Mainland Britain
NHS Established in the UK
East and West Germany are reunited
Leon Trotsky is assassinated in Mexico
The First Subway in New York opens
Olympics are held in Berlin

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