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Only CNS cell derived from Mesoderm
Herniation of meninges and neural tissue through spinal bony defect
Herniation of cerebellar vermis through foramen magnum
Agenesis of cerbellar vermis, enlargement of 4th ventricle
Three cranial nerves responsible for sensation in tongue
Three cranial nerves responsible for taste
Astrocyte marker
Cell that makes myelin in the CNS
Cell that makes myelin in the PNS
Location of Dopamine synthesis
Location of GABA synthesis
Location of Serotonin synthesis
Portion of Hypothalamus responsible for hunger
Portion of Hypothalamus responsible for satiety
Portion of Hypothalamus responsible for circadian rhythm
Portion of Thalamus responsible for relaying sensation from the body
Portion of Thalamus responsible for relaying sensation from face and taste
Portion of Thalamus responsible for relaying motor sense
Portion of basal ganglia responsible for inhibiting the thalamus
Narcolepsy is caused by decreased production of _____ in the lateral hypothalamus?
Lewy bodies are composed of
Two nuclei that atrophy in Huntington's
Lesion of the Mammillary bodies results in what disease?
Vitamin deficiency that causes that^ disease:
Rupture of ____ ____ artery results in epidural hematoma
Part of brain most susceptible to global cerebral ischemia
Communication between Lateral and 3rd ventricles
Communication between 3rd and 4th ventricles
Cells that make CSF
Spinal tract responsible for: pressure, vibration, fine touch, proprioception
Spinal tract responsible for: pain, temperature, crude touch, pressure
Spinal tract responsible for: voluntary movement of contralateral limbs
Either of the two diseases that cause degeneration of the anterior horn:
Trinucleotide repeat in Friedreich ataxia
Protein that is disrupted in Friedreich ataxia
Dermatome at the inguinal ligament
Dermatome at the kneecaps
Term for border between Alar and Basal plates
CN II exits skull through:
CN III, IV, V1, VI exit skull through:
CN V2 exits skull through:
CN V3 exits skull through:
Middle meningeal artery exits skull through:
CN VII and VIII exit skull through:
CN IX, X, XI exit skull through:
CN XII exits skull through:
Gag reflex tests what two nerves (afferent and efferent)
Muscle that lowers the jaw
Pupillary light reflex (constriction) mediated through what nucleus?
Internuclear ophthalmoplegia caused by lesion to:
In Alzheimer's, senile plaques (extracellular) are made of _____
In Alzheimer's, Neurofibrillary tangles (intracellular) are made of _____
Round inclusions of hyperphosphorylated tau protein is seen in what disease?
Disease characterized by a loss of GABAergic neurons in the caudate
Aggregates of alpha-synuclein are seen in what disease?
Rapid correction of hyponatremia can cause demyelination where?
Scanning speech, intention tremor, nystagmus
Acute inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculopathy (Guillain-Barre) results in destruction of what cells
Enzyme that is deficient in Krabbe disease
Virus repsponsible for Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy
Sturge-Weber syndrome (neural crest anomalies) caused by activating mutation of what gene?
Glioblastomas are derived from what cell type?
Meningiomas are derived from what cell type?
Hemangioblastomas are associated with what multi-system disorder?
Bilateral vestibular schwannomas are associated with what multisystem disorder?
Childhood neoplasm in posterior fossa, GFAP+, rosenthal fibers
Childhood tumor derived from remnants of Rathke pouch
Glaucoma drug that decreases aqueous humor synthesis via inhibition of carbonic anhydrase
Drug that is a kappa-opioid receptor agonist and mu-opioid receptor antagonist
Drug that is a kappa-opioid receptor agonst and mu-opioid receptor partial agonist
First-line drug for absence seizures
First-line drug for status epilepticus
First-line drugs for tonic-clonic seizures
Class of drugs that facilitate GABAa by increased duration of Cl- channel opening
Class of drugs that facilitate GABAa by increased frequency of Cl- channel opening
Treatment for overdose by one of those^ drugs
Any of the three non-benzodiazepine hypnotics
Treatment for malignant hyperthermia due to inhaled anesthetics
Dissociative intravenous anesthetic that works by blocking NMDA receptors

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