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Bluish color on Wright-Giemsa stain of RBC represents:
Content of thrombocyte dense granules (two things):
Content of thrombocyte alpha granules:
vWF receptor
Fibrinogen receptor:
Granule within endothelial cell that contains vWF:
Cause of hypersegmented neutrophils
Cytokine: activator of Macrophages
Lipid A from bacterial LPS binds to which CD on macrophages to initiate septic shock
CD56 is a unique marker for what type of cells?
CD marker for hematopoietic stem cells
Contents of Basophil granules
Immunoglobulin on surface of Mast cells
Type of hypersensitivity mediated by Mast cells
Drug used to prevent Mast cell degranulation
Four fetal erythropoiesis locations in order
Immunoglobulin that crosses the placenta
Hemoglobin S: Glutamic acid -> ____
Hemoglobin C: Glutamic acid -> ____
Argatroban, bivalirudin, and dabigartan inhibit what molecule?
Apixaban and rivaroxaban inhibit what molecule?
Warfarin is an antagonist of what vitamin?
Protein that breaks down clots:
Clopidogrel, prasugrel, and ticlopidine inhibit ADP-induced expression of ______
Failure of agglutination with ristocetin occurs in what diseases?
Potent vasoconstrictor released rapidly after endothelial damage
ITP caused by platelet destruction in the _____ (organ)
TTP caused by a decrease in ________ enzyme
[Enzyme in previous question] normally cleaves ____
Strain of E. coli responsible for HUS
Genetic deficiency of Gp1b
Genetic deficiency of Gp2b/3a
Subendothelial collagen activates which coagulation factor?
What activates factor VII
Factor deficiency in Hemophilia A
Factor deficiency in Hemophilia B
Warfarin (coumadin) blocks what enzyme?
Component of amniotic fluid that leads to DIC during amniotic embolism:
Normal Mean Corpuscular Volume (range):
Enterocytes transfer iron into blood via ____
____ transports iron to liver and bone marrow macrophages
Stored intercellular iron is bound to ____
Acute phase reactant that sequesters iron in storage sites during anemia of chronic disease
Enzyme that attaches protoporphyrin to iron to make heme
Protoporphyrin synthesis enzyme affected in lead poisoning
Enzyme affected in Acute Intermittent Porphyria
Enzyme affected in Porphyria cutanea tarda
Factor V Leiden is resitant to degradation by ____
Hodgkin's is characterized by ____-_____ cells
Those^ cells are positive for what two CD's?
Translocation in Burkitt's lymphoma involves what two chromosomes?
Marker of pre-T and pre-B cells (ALL)
Differentiate B-cell ALL from T-cell ALL by this marker
Treatment for Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia
CML is defined by what translocation
Treatment for CML
Birbeck granules or 'tennis rackets'
Antidote for heparin
Direct thrombin inhibitor
Direct factor Xa inhibitors
ADP receptor inhibitors
Gp2b/3a inhibitors
Protein deficient in PNH
DAF is also known as CD__
Disease in which you see Heinz bodies/bite cells
Disease: No B-cell maturation
Deficiency of Th17 cells due to STAT3 mutation leads to what disease?
Disease: microtubule dysfunction in phagosome-lysosome fusion
Immunosuppressant: calcineurin inhibitor that binds cyclophilin; blocks T-cel activation by preventing IL-2
Immunosuppressant: calcineurin inhibitor that binds FKBP; blocks T-cell activation by preventing IL-2 transcription
Immunosuppresant: mTOR inhibitor; binds FKBP; blocks B and T-cell activation by preventing IL-2 response
Immunosuppresant: Monoclonal antibodies that block IL-2R
Immunosuppresant: antimetabolite precursor of 6-MP
Corticosteroids inhibit what key molecule
Name of therapeutic antibody against CD20
Name of therapeutic antibody against HER2/neu
Name of therapeutic antibody against C5
Name of therapeutic antibody against GP2b3a
Name of therapeutic antibody against RANKL
Name of therapeutic antibody against VEGF

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