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Old drug that is known to cause clear cell adenocarcinoma of the vagina
Type of contraception that lasts ~10 years, lacks hormones, but often leads to increased bleeding
Normal delivery of placenta should take less than ___ minuties
Surgical treatment for endocervical cancer
Ideal treatment for symptomatic cystitis in pregnancy:
Treatment for Eclampsia
Rh-antibodies with a titer above 1:_ is considered pathological alloimunization
Congenital petechiae, cataracts, deafness, and heart defects are suggestive of what congenital infection?
Test for gestational diabetes
If massage fails, treat uterine atony with
Treatment of choice for hot flashes
Cat feces (or undercooked meat or cysts in soil) are put pregnant mother at risk for what infection?
Protein that can be used to track Endometrial Sinus tumors (tumor marker)
Proteinuria above ___mg is necessary to diagnose preeclampsia
Which Rh antibody class causes most adverse events:
Tumor marker for epithelial-cell ovarian cancer
How many chromosomes are in an incomplete mole?
GBS treatment:
How many chromosomes are in a complete mole?
Ideal treatment for pyelonephritis in pregnancy:
Most malignant subtype of ovarian cancer
In Down's Syndrome, these two Quad Screen tests are elevated
Treatment for Preeclampsia with Severe Features:
Post-partum Hemorrhage is defined as less than ___cc blood loss during vaginal delivery:
If in preterm labor, treatment is delivery after this week:
Gestational HTN arises after __ weeks
Medical treatment for Choriocarcinoma
Surgical treatment for germ-cell tumor (dysgerminoma)
For endometrial precancer (cystic, adenomatous, atypical) treat with this hormone
Treatment to avoid transmission of maternal HepB:
Safer HTN drugs in pregnancy:
Chemo drug that increases risk of endometrial cancer
Protein that can be used to track Choriocarcinoma (tumor marker)
2 NRTI's that are ideal for HIV treatment during pregnancy
Safer treatment for maternal hyperthyroidism during pregnancy
Confirmatory test for positive screens for Rh-induced fetal anemia
Safer antiepileptic medication options:
In an early ectopic pregnancy (bHCG < 5000, < 3cm, no heart tones) the best medical treatment is
If HIV status is unknown at time of delivery, treat with _______
Treatment for gestational diabetes
Ideal treatment for asymptomatic bacteriuria in pregnancy:
Surgical treatment for endometrial cancer
In prolonged ROM, treat with abx if mother is positive for what class of bacteria?
Oligohydramnios is AFI less than __cm
Rh(D)Ig (rhogam) should be given at __ weeks and within 72 of delivery

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