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Who did the Denver Broncos trade to the Washington Redskins in 2004 for Pro Bowl cornerback Champ Bailey
During the off-season after the 2007 NFL season Jay Cutler was diagnosed with what disease
What year were the Denver Broncos founded
Who is the head coach for the Broncos
The first super bowl the Broncos won who was MVP
Who many TDs did Terrell Davis Have in the 1997-1998 season
Who was the first Denver Bronco to compile more than 15 sacks in a season
In the Broncos first super bowl who did they lose to
In what year did the Broncos fail to make the playoffs with an impressive 11-5 record
Jabar Gaffney the WR for the Denver Broncos in 2009 was drafted out of Florida in 2002 by which NFL team
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What team originally drafted John Elway
Who was the first Denver Bronco to rush for more than 20 touchdowns in a single season
Who was the Denver Broncos' leading rusher in 2005
Which head coach led the Denver Broncos to their first playoff appearance
Who was the first Denver Broncos quarterback to finish a season with a passer rating higher than 100
What was the Denver Broncos record in their first season
Who did the Broncos play on there first super bowl win
In what round of the 1995 NFL draft did the Denver Broncos take RB Terrell Davis
who is the Owner and CEO of the Broncos
What year was the very first super bowl

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