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Mr. Moonlight is featured on what UK album?
Which Beatle was the last to get married?
John supposedly wrote a song called 'Maharishi' but changed the title to *blank*
What German city are the Beatles famous for touring?
Paul has a chipped tooth in the music video for this song
What song on the Yellow Submarine album was originally cut from the Yellow Submarine film?
Paul used this drug for a short period of time during the Sgt. Peppers sessions
What American folk singer can be seen on the cover of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band?
The US album Magical Mystery Tour featured a song called Your *blank* Should Know
Who was the original drummer for the Beatles?
What words are in parentheses following Norwegian Wood?
In the film 'Yellow Submarine', what songs chorus was translated in many different languages?
George met his wife on the set of which Beatles film?
'Yesterday' is the last song on which Beatles album?
The UK album 'Please Please Me' was recorded in under how many days?
What song reveals that 'the walrus' is Paul?
How many Beatles US studio albums feature the song 'All You Need Is Love'?
What is the name of John Lennon's first book?
Which Beatle is dressed in a white suit on the cover of Abbey Road?
The song 'Little Child' is featured on what Beatles UK album?
Which Beatle was very sick as a young boy?
Martha My Dear was written about Paul's *blank*
The song 'One After 909' was featured on what album?
Which Beatle was most heavily influenced by Indian music?
The Beatles US album 'Introducing the Beatles' was originally released under what record label?
The song 'A Taste of Honey' is featured on which Beatles UK album?
Paul performed drums on which 'White Album' song?
How many photo's of each Beatle are on the cover of A Hard Days Night?
How many Beatles UK album covers are completely black and/or white?
What song is sometimes featured as the last song on the album Abbey Road?

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