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Which would be worse, to live as a monster, or to die as a good man?
No I will not make out with you!
Hate is baggage. Life's too short to be pissed off all the time. It's just not worth it.
It's like finding a needle in a stack of needles.
I don't hear as good as I used to, and I ain't as pretty as I used to be. But I'm still here - I'm the Ram.
We are the Knights who say... NI.
Sean, if the Professor calls about that job, just tell him, sorry, I have to go see about a girl.
I'm gonna say the same thing any man with two penises says when his tailor asks him if he dresses to the right or left- Yes
Memory can change the shape of a room; it can change the color of a car. And memories can be distorted. They're just an interpretation, they're not a record, and they're irrelevant
No time for the old in-out, love, I've just come to read the meter
I am so f***ing smart I make smart people feel like they are retarded.
When life gives you lemons, just say 'F*** the lemons,' and bail.
An old man dies. A young woman lives. A fair trade. I love you, Nancy.
Tic-tock, doc.
Nah, I don't think so. More like chewed out. I've been chewed out before.
Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn't have f***ed with? That's me.
That depends. Do you see me?
We're going streaking!
The rifle is the first weapon you learn how to use, because it lets you keep your distance from the client. The closer you get to being a pro, the closer you can get to the client
There never was an Aaron, counselor
The appearance of law must be upheld, especially when it's being broken.
Holy buckets... she wants me to give her the D!
Detective. Detective. DETECTIVE! You're looking for me.
Throughout human history, we have been dependent on machines to survive. Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.`

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