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Can you name each MLB team based on each clue?

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This team is last year's (2015) World Series Winner.
This team's all time leader in SB was included in a trade with Troy Tulowitzki during the 2015 season.
This team is one of the two teams in the AL West that is located east of the Rocky Mountains.
This is the team that Greg Maddux played his last game with (hint: Greg Maddux's last game was in 2008)
This team won the NL pennant in back-to-back years in 2008 & 2009:
This team is the Northernmost NL Central team.
This is the team that the most recent Triple Crown (batting) winner started his career with.
This team's home stadium is named U.S. Cellular Field.
This team had the MLB's last 100 win season.
This NL West team was swept by the Boston Red Sox in the 2007 World Series.
This team's long time switch-hitting hot corner is the only switch hitter to bat over .300 from both sides of the plate (minimum of 5,000 plate appearances, in the modern era)
This team is the most recent team (as of 2015) to change divisions.
This team's CF of their 2002 World Series winning team is now the head coach for the Nebraska Cornhuskers baseball team.
This team is the only team to play a father and a son in the same game.
This team won its first World Series in 1909 behind MLB legend Honus Wagner.
This team's long time SS played the most games in a row of any player in MLB history.
This team is one of two teams to have the number of Rod Carew (#29) retired.
This team has the league's longest World Series title drought (as of 2016).
This is the other team in the MLB that does not end its nickname with an '-s' or '-es.'
This team donned the 2014 AL Cy Young winner.
The MLB's leader in career SB's had 4 stints with this team.
This is the last NL East team yet to be named.
The MLB's runner up in career strikeouts (pitching) played for this team from 1999-2004.
This team is famous for its water behind the right field fence, nicknamed 'McCovey Cove.'
This team has the most World Series losses.
This team is the only team located outside of the United States.
This AL Central team's 2003 team had the 2nd worst win percentage in the Live Ball Era.
This team's hall of fame includes Frank Robinson, Barry Larkin, and Tony Perez.
This closer is one of two pitchers all time to have over 600 saves. One player's team was named at #25. Name this player's team.
This AL team is the only team in the MLB that's stadium is not in the city that the team name is.

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