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Can you name the things that are red?

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factsred thing
red 3-old monster on Sesame Street
main character on Cars
liquid in people
insect with black spots
building on a farm
big fictional dog
cylindrical thing that puts out fires
long truck with people to put out fires
sign shaped like an octagon
a flower with thorns
a fruit with a core
a crustacean you can eat
the spirit meaning evil
one of the planets
the Ohio bird
factsred thing
some houses are made of this
popular Nintendo character
a Muppet character
a vegetable used in salads
a berry with tiny seeds
a waterspout thing that firefighters use
a social media site for uploading videos
a sauce for dipping
inside the mouth for tasting food
a fruit that grows in bunches
Dorothy wears these
a shape representing love
a sea mollusk with 8 tentacles
ladies put this on their lips
Randall's monster from Monsters Inc

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