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mammal that eats insects
a toy with beads
a shellfish with pearly shells
a big, white mythical creature that appears in Rudolph
a tree found in Africa
another word for college
something like cars crashing
a musical instrument with keys and a bellow
a nut that squirrels use
a circus performer
a superhero doll
John Ratzenberger, John Goodman, Patrick Warburton
Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Saunders, Amy Poehler
a snake that is black
another word for captain
another word for grown-up
a tool for digging
a green mineral
a person to guard buildings
what we breath in and out
this thing pops out near the steering wheel
this fanlike thing in houses cools us off
a vehicle in the sky
where you go to get on a plane
a row in stores
mineral that some glasses are made of
a loud ringing thing
a ringing thing to wake you up in the morning
a type of seabird
a record owned by some musicians
drinks like beer, wine, liquor
an alcoholic drink
flower that some farm animals graze on
what swamps usually have
an imaginary creature riding a UFO
a place with a dead end and between two buildings
a reptile that swims in swamps
a dinosaur related to tyrannosaurus
a type of nut that you can eat
an animal related to llamas
what children sing
what a soda can is made of
a person that exercises
this mineral can be found in Jurassic Park
a vehicle that rushes to hospitals
the country we live in
the continent that elephants and giraffes live in
a mineral that can be on rings
a cleaning resolve that people use to wash clothes
a tiny water cell
family group of frogs and salamanders
a place to listen to announcements
a type of necklace
a big snake that lives in the Amazon
an object on boats to dock them
a type of flower or Nemo's home
an imaginary human with wings
besides sides shapes have this
a fish that makes its own light
group of cats, people, elephants, etc.
an herbivorous dinosaur with spiny scales and a strong tail
an insect that lives in colonies underground
the continent that penguins live on
a mammal in South America that eats ants
a deerlike animal found in Africa
insects have 2 pairs of this on their head
a type of room
part of flowers
ants live in this
a chemical that is used in cars in the winter
deer have this on their head
an insect related to ants and termintes
a black heavy thing
a tall building found in cities
an herbivorous dinosaur with a long neck
an insect that eats leaves
dot in the word can't
food before meal in restaurant
a red fruit
a sauce made from apples
a fruit related to peaches
overalls worn when cooking
a gemstone that is in water
a zoolike place where fish, whales and other water animals are kept
a water thing under a bridge
spiders and scorpions are in this animal family
a place to play video games
a large structure to go through
a person studying archaeology
a person with a bow and arrow
a type of construction worker
the place where polar bears live
a place to watch baseball
a person in nobility
a boat Noah has
the body part where the shoulders are connected
a mammal with a hard shell
a chair with arms
clothing that knights wear
object pointing either left, right, up or down
a small gray arrow-like thing
a work of paintings
a vegetable related to lettuce and cabbage
a person that uses a hammer
a person that paints pictures
gray rumble from things after burning from fire
the continent where China and Japan are
a tall green vegetable
a tree related to maples
what the road is made of
a rocklike thing in space
a person who goes to space
people who play sports are this
a machine to get money
a tiny particle
a bomb in Pearl Harbor
the top room in some houses
people watching a movie or band
a place where people can dance
a tool to make holes
a seabird that looks like a puffin
mom or dad's sister
the lights in the Arctic
the continent where kangaroos and koalas live
a person who writes a book
a type of car
the season where the leaves fall off the trees
a snowstorm down mountains
an exhibition in zoos where birds are kept
a green fruit with a large seed inside
prizes like the academy or grammy
a small tool to make holes in shoes
door entrances on restaurants have this
a tool to chop down trees
car wheels have this
a flower with purple petals
a color that is almost like blue

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