Nouns that Start With B

Can you name the nouns that Start With B?

a large monkey
young child
a person to watch on babies
vertebrates have this
a bag to bring to school
meat made from pigs
diseases are this
soldiers win this for bravery
a nocturnal animal that lives in tree trunks
a sport with a racket and a shuttlecock
you put your lunch in this
a roll similar to doughnuts
an instrument found in Scotland
fish take this when going fishing
a place where cakes are made
some buildings have this from the top
this bounces and is round
a type of dancer
this is filled with air
pandas eat this
a yellow fruit with a peel
The Beatles are this group
a healing thing to heal boo boos
some cowboys wear this on their necks
a villainous cowboy
a rail on stairs
a stringed instrument with a circle
a place where money is kept
bicycles have two sets of this
a person that is uncivilized
a person who cuts hair
an instrument similar to a tuba
trees are made of this
a red building on farms
a sea creature that is on the bottom of ships
an instrument that measures air pressure
a building where soldiers live
a wooden container to store water
a pin to hold girl's hair
a fence in construction zones
a ball that is white and is hit with a bat
the bottom room of houses
an herb used in cooking
a container people use on picnics
a ball that is orange
a type of freshwater fish
a woodwind instrument that is big
the only mammal with wings
people take this to get clean
the room where the toilet, tub and sink are
band leader uses this
electronics have two or more of this
a gun with shooting out rockets
the place with sand and the ocean
fire trucks have this warning thing
necklaces have a lot of this
bill of birds
a laboratory container
lima, green, kidney, etc
a large furry mammal that is usually brown
hair on the chin
a mammal that builds dams
furniture that you sleep on
an insect that makes honey and can sting you
meat made from cows
home where bees live
a vegetable sometimes in salads
an insect with a shell
a tower with a bell
schools have this ringing device
a person who works at a hotel
another term for stomach
a round clothing used on pants
an outdoor chair for more people
fruit that grows on bushes
babies wear this when eating
the book found in church
a vehicle with 2 wheels
a large structure near highways promoting something
a cover for holding paper for school
a device for bird-watching
a tree with hard wood
an animal with wings and feathers
birds bathe in this
birds rest in this
the day you were born
the color of tuxedos and crows
a structure in school with chalk
a poisonous spider
covering on beds
a machine to make milkshakes
a planelike vehicle looking like a balloon
a heavy snowstorm
toy in the shape of a cube
the red liquid in every animal
a small jacket
fat found in whales
the color of Cookie Monster and the sky
a large snake like pythons
a wild pig with tusks
a vehicle on water
a type of wildcat
The Human ____
a guard to catch on criminals
an imaginary monster giving children nightmares
a metal thing to tighten doors
an exploding thing when lightened by fire
the skeleton is made up of these
a baby's hat
a thing you read
a club to throw then come back
a shoe usually made of rubber
a seating place in restaurants
beer is in this
a heavy rock
a bunch of flowers
a weapon used with an arrow
a container when eating cereal and soup
a brown container to store things
a male person
a metal thing on teeth
the pink thing in our head
trees have these
instrument section with tuba, trumpet, trombone and French horn
sandwiches have two slices of this
morning meal
gentle wind
a red rectangular thing on some walls
a structure on some roads when crossing water
a green vegetable that looks like a small tree
the 3rd place trophy
a wooden stick to sweep the floor
male sibling
the color of wood and chocolate
a chocolate cakelike food
round floating thing when taking a bath
a male deer
a container to hold water
a wild ox found in Africa
another word for insect
an instrument looking like a trumpet
houses, restaurants, banks, etc
a glass thing to make light
a male cow
a construction vehicle for pushing
a shiny thing used in guns
a mean kid
bread to eat hamburgers
two sets of a bed
a floating object in water
a person who steals
a hole where moles live
a yellow vehicle that takes kids to school
a low tree with many branches
a chef that kills animals
fatty food used on toast
an insect with beautiful wings
a small ball to push on when playing video games
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