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QUIZ: Can you name the words with letter combinations BA-BZ

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a container for carrying stuffba
elastic solid substancebb
on wheels covering the axlebc
body part between the thorax and the pelvisbd
a piece of furniture to sleep onbe
to make speechless with amazementbf
a mischievous creaturebg
a building for social activitiesbh
opposite of smallbi
that which forms a basic matter of thoughtbj
a little lambbk
to produce airbl
a vessel that can go underwaterbm
a small drawingbn
a container usually made of woodbo
a mark from the thumbbp
to come withbr
part of a larger setbs
to be uncertain aboutbt
another word for insectbu
easily seenbv
an underground railroadbw
a young childby
recording lower than zerobz

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