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Can you name the famous people with their initials from NA to NZ.

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Initialsfamous personClue
NAAmerican astronaut who was the first astronaut to walk on the moon
NBAmerican actor who voiced Lotso in Toy Story 3
NCAmerican voice actress best known for voicing Bart Simpson
NDAmerican singer who sold over 120 million records worldwide
NETurkish politician who was the prime minister of Turkey from 1996 to 1997
NFCanadian-American actor who voiced Johnny Worthington in Monsters University
NGAmerican politician who became a republican candidate in 2012
NHEnglish actor who voiced Professor Porter in Tarzan
NIEnglish writer and comedian who is best known for his collaborative work with Monty Python
NJAmerican singer who has a band with his brothers
NKAustralian-American actress who voiced Norma Jean in Happy Feet
NLAmerican actor who voiced Timon in The Lion King
NMTrinidadian-born American rapper famous for Pink Friday
Initialsfamous personClue
NNAmerican actor who voiced Vincent in Over the Hedge and was arrested twice
NOAmerican actor who voiced Norman in Sing
NPIsrael-born American actress who won an award for Black Swan
NQretired American mixed martial arts fighter notable for his appearance in The Ultimate Fighter
NRwife of the 40th president of the United States
NSAmerican novelist who has several novels becoming international bestsellers
NTformer American pornographic actress best known for her work in the 1990s
NUIndian actress who was formerly a radio jockey in Dubai
NVRussian former professional boxer who competed from 1993 to 2009
NWAmerican jazz singer with more than 70 albums and 3 Grammy Awards
NXBrazilian actor who appeared in 80 films and shows since 1959
NYCanadian singer who sometimes wars with his recording company along the way
NZAmerican actor who played James in Catch Me if You Can

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