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Can you name the famous people with their initials from JA to JZ

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Initialsfamous personClue
JAEnglish actress who's famous for starring in Mary Poppins
JBAmerican actor who voiced Nick Wilde in Zootopia
JCAmerican voice actor who is known for voicing Winnie the Pooh and Tigger
JDAmerican actress best known for voicing Princess Atta in a bug's life
JEAmerican actor who voiced Blu in Rio
JFAmerican actor who voiced Nico in Rio
JGAmerican actor best known for voicing Sulley in Monsters Inc
JHAmerican puppeteer who was the creator of the Muppets
JIEnglish actor who voiced Scar in The Lion King
JJAmerican actor who played Darth Vader and Mufasa in The Lion King
JKAmerican actor who is a star on Jackass
JLAmerican actor who voiced Farquaad in the first Shrek
JMAmerican singer who died at age 27
Initialsfamous personClue
JNAmerican puppeteer who is famous for playing the Count on Sesame Street
JOAmerican track and field athlete who was a 4-time Olympic gold medalist in the 1936 games
JPAmerican actor who plays Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory and voiced Oh in Home
JQFrench actor who had a supporting role in the critically acclaimed film Syriana
JRAmerican actor who is best known for being in every Pixar movie
JSAmerican comedian and actor who voiced Barry in Bee Movie
JTCanadian-American poker player and actress who voiced Celia in Monsters Inc and Bonnie in Family Guy
JUAmerican actor who began with a prolific career as a teen-actor in the mid-1980s
JVAmerican actor who originally voiced Slinky in Toy Story
JWAmerican actor who appears as himself on Family Guy and voiced Hades in Hercules
JXAlbanian writer who wrote The Dead River and The White Juga
JYformer Nigerian professional footballer who played as a center back
JZChinese pop singer who rose to fame through televised singing competitions

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