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Can you name the famous people with their initials from HA to HZ.

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Initialsfamous personClue
HAAmerican actor for voicing Moe, Chief Wiggum and other Simpsons characters
HBAmerican actress who voiced Cappy in Robots
HCAmerican female politician who lost to become president in November 2016
HDAmerican politician who served as the 79th governor of Vermont
HEAmerican writer whose principle genre is speculative fiction
HFAmerican industrialist who is the founder of a car company of his last name
HGEnglish actor and film producer who received a Golden Globe and a BAFTA
HHAmerican actress who voiced Elastigirl in The Incredibles
HICanadian hockey player who is currently a member of the Calgary Inferno
HJAustralian actor who voiced Roddy in Flushed Away
HKAmerican author who was the first deaf-blind person to a bachelor of arts degree
HLAmerican novelist who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird
HMEnglish actress who voiced Dean Hardscrabble in Monsters University
Initialsfamous personClue
HNGerman-Australian photographer whose black and white photos were a mainstay of Vogue and other publications
HOAmerican actor who first acted as a child in Forrest Gump
HPAmerican actress who voiced Dot in a bug's life
HQUruguayan poet who wrote stories in jungle settings
HRAmerican actor and director who starred as Egon in Ghostbusters
HSAmerican radio host who starred in Private Parts
HTthe 33rd president of the United States
HUAmerican physical chemist whose pioneering work on isotopes earned him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1934
HVFrench painter of battles, portraits and Orientalist Arab subjects
HWNigerian-born English-Australian actor who voiced Noah in Happy Feet
HXUzbek poet whose themes have dealt with Uzbek nationhood and history
HYAmerican actor who plays Jerome in Frasier
HZGerman composer who composed the music to The Lion King

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