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Can you name the famous people with their initials from GA to GZ.

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Initialsfamous personClue
GAAmerican lawyer who currently serves as the 48th Governor of Texas
GBAmerican comedian who lived up to be 100 years old
GCAmerican actress who voiced Kala in Tarzan
GDAmerican actress known for her role as the human mom in Stuart Little
GEFrench civil engineer who's famous for building a tower of his last name
GFthe 38th president of the United States
GGAmerican actress who voiced Judy in Zootopia
GHAmerican actor who voiced General Mandible in Antz
GIJamaican reggae musician who has a nickname as Cool Ruler
GJAmerican businessman who was the 29th governor of New Mexico
GKAmerican actor who voiced Ratchet in Robots
GLAmerican comedian who voiced Rafael in Rio
GMAmerican director and actor who voiced Chicken Little's dad
Initialsfamous personClue
GNAmerican computer programmer who was the cofounder of Valve Corporation
GOEnglish actor who voiced General Grawl in Planet 51
GPAmerican actress who played Pepper in Iron Man
GQIrish actor who played Mark on Roseanne
GRAustralian actor who voiced Nigel in Finding Nemo
GSAmerican actor who voiced Shaw in Open Season
GTJapanese-American actor who played as Hikaru in Star Trek
GUAmerican TV journalist who established his report about the Vietnam War
GVItalian opera composer who demonstrated a sympathy with the Risorgimento
GWAmerican actor who's famous for playing Willy Wonka
GXSwiss professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for English club Arsenal
GYEnglish serial killer who used poison to kill his victims
GZAmerican known for the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin

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