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Name the famous people born in New Hampshire based on the following descriptions.

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descriptionfamous person
Child actor who starred in Season 1 of the PBS series Zoom and died in a car crash in 2006
Author notably for writing The Da Vinci Code
Stand-up comedian, actress best known for voicing Vanellope in Wreck-it Ralph
Actor best known for his roles as Logan on Gilmore Girls and Cary on The Good Wife
Actor and comedian best known for playing Randy on That 70's Show
14th president of the United States
descriptionfamous person
Singer-songwriter, actress best known for voicing Rapunzel in Tangled
Actress and singer best known for voicing Cinderella
Actor best known for playing Josh on Being Human and Jimmy in Superman Returns
Author whose best known book is Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
Actor best known for his roles as Wade on Hart of Dixie and Ryder on The Young and the Restless
Wrestler who was the creator of the TV series NXT

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