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Can you name the things that are blue?

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factsblue thing
fictional character who eats cookies
Lilo's friend
liquid that every living thing needs
type of berry
where you can see the sun, clouds, stars and the moon
character from Monsters Inc
fish in Finding Nemo
a type of bird
character from Sesame Street that can turn into a superhero
the planet we live on and it's also green
a social media site
a sign on highways
factsblue thing
clothes for the legs
an object showing us the Earth
fictional characters in tiny villages
what comes out when you write with a pen
a bird with colorful feathers
the thing you put on your toothbrush to brush your teeth
supervillain character in a DreamWorks Animation film
main character of a bug's life
a Muppets character
character in Aladdin voiced by Robin Williams
train character
hornbill from The Lion King

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