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Can you name the villains from movies by their goal?

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kill Snow White with a poisonous appleSnow White and the 7 Dwarfs
make money from puppet showPinocchio
prevent Cinderella's happy endingCinderella
to keep Wonderland under her controlAlice in Wonderland
to kill Peter PanPeter Pan
to kill Aurora with a curseSleeping Beauty
to kidnap and kill the puppies101 Dalamatians
destroy Merlin in a duelThe Sword in the Stone
to eat MowgliThe Jungle Book
to get rid of the catsThe Aristocats
to collect all the taxes from poor people and execute Robin HoodRobin Hood
to obtain a valuable diamondThe Rescuers
to kill every human beingThe Black Cauldron
rule MousedomThe Great Mouse Detective
to make Fagin pay back moneyOliver and Company
take over AtlanticaThe Little Mermaid
to capture the eagle and sell it for fortuneThe Rescuers Down Under
kill the beast and marry BelleBeauty and the Beast
become ruler of kingdom and make Jasmine a queenAladdin
to overthrow Jack and kill himThe Nightmare Before Christmas
to kill his own brother and nephewThe Lion King
collect all the gold in VirginiaPocahontas
torture toysToy Story
keep Quasimodo in the bell towerThe Hunchback of Notre Dame
kill HerculesHercules
marry Bala and kill the colonyAntz
to take over ChinaMulan
keep the ants under his control as the grasshoppers' food suppliersa bug's life
to become a greater pharaohThe Prince of Egypt
to give Big Bird a better homeFollow that Bird
find Flint's treasureMuppet Treasure Island
make everything his propertyElmo in Grouchland
having more than 1000 restaurantsThe Muppet Movie
sell gorillas illegallyTarzan
destroy the giantThe Iron Giant
force Woody to go to a museumToy Story 2
kill chickens and turn them into piesChicken Run
win the X GamesAn Extremely Goofy Movie
kill KuzcoThe Emperor's New Groove
seduce JosephJoseph King of Dreams
kill Miguel and Tulio and destroy El DoradoThe Road to El Dorado
kill AtlanteansAtlantis The Lost Empire
to become king of DulocShrek
kidnap childrenMonsters Inc
kill Frank as a virusOsmosis Jones
avenge on a babyIce Age
to capture StitchLilo and Stitch
to destroy SpiritSpirit Stallion of the Cimarron
kill Jim HawkinsTreasure Planet
cause chaos and steal a bookSinbad Legend of the Seven Seas
steal cowsHome on the Range
make Shrek break up with FionaShrek 2
get revenge on Mr IncredibleThe Incredibles
to find the sharkslayer and avenge his son's deathShark Tale
to kill Spongebob and PatrickThe Spongebob Squarepants Movie
to take over industries and kill BigweldRobots
devour lemursMadagascar
to kill the were-rabbit and marry Lady TottingtonWallace and Gromit The Curse of the Were Rabbit
exterminate antsThe Ant Bully
to kill RJ and get food backOver the Hedge
slaughter every farm animalBarnyard
win the piston cupCars
wash out RatropolisFlushed Away
to kill Boog and ElliotOpen Season
have revenge on LewisMeet the Robinsons
kill ShrekShrek 3
kill RemyRatatouille
tries to flush Barry down the toiletBee Movie
make sure a captain doesn't go to EarthWALL-E
to become the most famous mayorCloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
to separate Penny from BoltBolt
destroy EarthMonsters vs Aliens
defeat PoKung Fu Panda
rule a jungleHorton Hears a Who
kill a tyrannosaurusIce Age 3
find a snipeUp
to become a wealthy and powerful manThe Princess and the Frog
steal the moonDespicable Me
erase Shrek from existenceShrek 4
rule like a prisonToy Story 3
destroy Metro CityMegamind
keep Rapunzel in the towerTangled
to make alternative fuelCars 2
to stop kung fuKung Fu Panda 2
get rid of birdsRio
demolish cityRango
overthrow the Easter bunnyHop
kill anyoneBrave
keep Vanellope from racingWreck it Ralph
make Alex's head a plaque trophyMadagascar 3
destroy anything preciousIce Age 4
destroy a seedThe Lorax
make children forget the guardiansRise of the Guardians
eat a parrotThe Pirates Band of Misfits
to win the Indy 500Turbo
win over Oozma KappaMonsters University
to keep Gru's minionsDespicable Me 2
destroy a bound with people someone cares aboutCloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2
destroy the LeafmanEpic
kill all the turkeysFree Birds
marry Anna and kill ElsaFrozen
avenge his daughter's disappearanceBig Hero 6
revenge on penguinsPenguins of Madagascar
kidnap dragonsHow to Train Your Dragon 2
take Sherman away from Mr. PeabodyMr. Peabody and Sherman
to steal a crownMinions
create a new order for predatory animalsZootopia
turn characters into jadesKung Fu Panda 3

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