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Can you name the Animals that are Omnivores?

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About the animalOmnivoreHabitat
a fish that can be redpond
an invertebrate with a lot of legsanywhere
a reptile that changes colorsjungle
an insect that are creepy lookinganywhere
a crustacean that can be on land and in waterocean
a crustacean that walks in the oceanocean
a bird related to pigeonscities
a large insect with big wingsswamps
a mammal that people sometimes have as a petanywhere
an insect that glows at nightanywhere
an insect that jumps and has no wingsanywhere
a fish that is flatocean
an insect that flies around trashanywhere
an amphibian that hops and catches flies with tongueswamp or farm
a fish that is common for a pethouse
a rodent for a pethouse
a spiny mammalforest
a mammal which is useverywhere
a reptile that walks on branchesjungle
a bird that is blueanywhere
About the animalOmnivoreHabitat
a wingless birdnear water
a primate with a striped tail and is nocturnaljungle
many types of this reptileanywhere
a crustacean you can eatocean
a blind animal that burrows undergroundground
an insect that looks like a butterfly but is nocturnalanywhere
a rodent that likes to eat cheeseanywhere
a marsupial that likes to play deadforest
a sea mammal that is furryseacoast
a bird that is colorfuljungle
a bird that Bert hascities
a mammal with sharp quillsforest
a bird with a feather on top of its headforest
related to #27anywhere
a fish that is flatocean
a sea mammal that eats kelp most of the timeocean
another crustacean you can eatocean
a striped mammal that sprays a terrible smellforest
a colorful bird but its not a parrotjungle
a reptile with a shellanywhere

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