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About the animalHerbivoreHabitat
an insect that collects food for a colonythe ground
a deerlike animal found in Africagrassland
a monkey with a long tailjungle
a mammal that builds damsforest
an insect that makes honeyhive
an insect that sometimes have hard shellsanywhere
a large mammal that looks like a cowgrassland
a matador fights with this animalfarm
an insect with beautiful wingsanywhere
a mammal with humps and sometimes spit at peopledesert
a flightless bird that is found in Australiagrassland
a common bird you get eggs fromfarm
an intelligent apejungle
a bird that looks like a parrot but all whitejungle
an animal you get milk fromfarm
an insect that chirps at nightanywhere
a mammal with antlers that hunters hunt forforest
this bird is extinctgrassland
a dinosaur with 3 hornsgrassland
a dinosaur with spiny bonesgrassland
a dinosaur with a really long neckgrassland
About the animalHerbivoreHabitat
a mammal that Shrek ownsfarm
a bird that quacksfarm
a mammal with a trunk and tusks and loves watergrassland or farm
a deer-like animal with bigger antlersforest
a flightless bird just like #11grassland
a mammal with spots and a really long neckgrassland
a farm animal that has hornsfarm
a bird that makes a V when migratingfarm
an ape that Tarzan was raised byjungle
an insect that jumps highanywhere
a mammal that spends most of its time in watergrassland
a farm animal you can ride onfarm
a small bird that eats nectar from flowersanywhere
an animal that hops and has a pouchgrassland
a marsupial that only eats eucalyptus leaves and sleeps a lotgrassland
an insect that's red with black spotsanywhere
an animal that looks like a sheep but has a long neckfarm
an animal related to humansjungle or farm
an ape that lives in Southeast Asiajungle
a flightless bird that is found in Africagrassland
I'm as strong as a ?tundra
About the animalHerbivoreHabitat
a black and white bear that eats bambooChina forest
a bird with beautiful feathersforest
a pink animal that rolls in mudfarm
an animal that hops and eats carrotsforest
an animal for Santa Claus' sleightundra
a mammal with a horn on its nosegrassland
a bird that wakes people in the morningfarm
a fish with a pouchocean
a mammal with woolfarm
a mammal that goes really slowjungle
a mollusk that looks like a wormanywhere
a mollusk with a shell for its homeanywhere
a rodent that collects acornsforest
a bird that's bigger than a duckpond
a bird used for Thanksgivingfarm
an imaginary horse with a horn on its headforest
a mammal that grazes in its habitatgrassland
a marsupial that wobblesgrassland
animal related to #42tundra
a horse with stripesgrassland
an extinct animal that looks like an elephantIce Age

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