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About the animalCarnivoreHabitat
it eats ants out of the anthill with a long tonguegrassland
it dives to catch fish in the oceanseacoast
it's a reptile with sharp teeth and can hurt you with its tailswamp
a gigantic snake that can swimswamp
a fish that can make its own lightocean
a small mammal with a shell that's armorlikegrassland
a striped mammal that can burrow under treesforest
a mammal that can flycave
a furry big mammal that catches fish in the water and is sometimes called a beastforest
a pet that can chase micehouse or farm
a wildcat that is very fastgrassland
a snake that is a kingdesert
a wild dog that looks like a wolfdesert
a reptile related to #3swamp
a pet that can scare cats awayhouse or farm
a marine mammal that's similar to a whale but smallerocean
an imaginary reptile that breathes fire and has wingscastle
the bird symbol of the United Statesnear water
a fish that can sometimes be electricocean
a bird that is pinkwet land
a wild dog that can eat chickens on a farmforest
About the animalCarnivoreHabitat
a bird that flies around at the beachseacoast
a bird that stands in water to find some fishwet land
a wild dog that can laughgrassland
a wild cat with spots like a cheetah but lives in South Americajungle
a sea creature that can sting youocean
this whale is also known as the orcaocean
this reptile is endangeredjungle
this wild cat is the one who killed Tarzan's parentsgrassland or jungle
a wild cat with a manegrassland
this mollusk can be never heard of anybodyocean
an amphibian that looks like a lizard but it's not a reptilewet land
a sea mollusk with 8 arms called tentaclesocean
a bird that flies around at nightforest
a wild cat that is blackjungle
a seabird with a pouch in its mouthseacoast
a bird that can swim but cannot flytundra
the only mammal that lays eggswet land
a bear that can swim and is whitetundra
a seabird with a colorful beaktundra
this wildcat can also be called a mountain lionmountains
a large snake that looks like an anacondajungle
About the animalCarnivoreHabitat
a mammal that sneaks into garbageforest
a snake that is poisonous and its tail makes a sounddesert
an arachnid that can sting youdesert
a sea mammal that sounds like a dogseacoast
the most dangerous fishocean
a reptile with no legsanywhere
a common arachnid that people thinks its an insect but its notwebs
a sea mollusk like an octopus but with 10 tentaclesocean
a bird related to #23wet land
a fish with a long noseocean
a furry spiderEurope
an insect related to antsthe ground
a wildcat with stripesjungle
a bird that eats carriondesert
a sea mammal with tuskstundra
a really big sea mammalocean
a wild dog that howlsforest
a prehistoric catIce Age
the biggest dinosaurCretaceous Period
a dinosaur in a packCretaceous Period

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