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Name these famous people who were born in July (5 per day)

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SNL, Ghostbusters actor 
Princess of Wales who tragically died in a car accident 
Armageddon, Lord of the Rings actress 
Classic actress as Melanie in Gone with the Wind 
Baywatch, Home Improvement actress 
The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday actress 
Actress as Maddie in Zack & Cody 
Producer and writer of Seinfeld 
Author of Marching On and Bitter Creek 
Late singer who became immortalized for her 2008 album 
Mission Impossible, Top Gun actor 
Voice actress of Lisa Simpson 
The Newsroom, Magic Mike actress 
Chicago Hope, Criminal Minds actor 
Watchmen, The Conjuring actor 
30th president of US 
Oldest daughter of the 44th president of US 
Classic actress of The Invisible Man 
Ain't No Sunshine, Lean on Me soul singer 
Owner of the NY Yankees from 1973-2010 
Singer and harmonica player with his group and the News 
Oz, The Sopranos actress 
Former forward for the Italian national team from 1991-1997 
Owner of Foresight Reserves LP 
Four-time all-pro of the Green Bay Packers 
Muppet Treasure Island, Shrek 2, Minions actress 
43rd president of US 
The Expendables, Antz actor 
Short comedian of Secret Life of Pets and Captain Underpants 
The King's Speech, Finding Nemo actor 
Drummer of the Beatles 
Fresh Meat, Bad Education actor 
Actor as Roy in That 70s Show 
English radio personality known for his tabloid talk show 
Voice actress of All Grown Up and Tiny Toon Adventures 
Muppets from Space, Tangled, Trolls actor 
Co-founder of Standard Oil Company 
Footloose, Apollo 13 actor 
Country singer of Should Have Been a Cowboy 
Actor and rapper of The Pursuit of Happyness, son of Will 
Toy Story, Forrest Gump actor 
Former football player, murdered his wife 
Adaptation, Seabiscuit, The Muppets actor 
Actor as Kevin in The Wonder Years 
Wife of Kurt Cobain 
Late puppeteer of The Count and Herry Monster 
Actress famous as the voice of Sadness in Inside Out 
Football coach of the Ohio State University 
Pop singer of I Wanna Love You Forever 
The Smurfs, Hot Pursuit actress 
6th president of US 
Author of Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little 
Grey's Anatomy, Four Corners actor 
Austin Powers, The Grinch, Monsters University actress 
Co-host of Wipeout 
Comedian of his own show, creator of Little Bill, currently a rapist 
Lost, Resident Evil actress 
Comedian of Chappelle's Show, brother of Eddie 
Co-founder of Imagine Entertainment, producer of The Grinch 
Boisterous fitness guru of Sweatin to the Oldies 
Oliver & Company, The Lion King, Cars actor 
Voice actor of SpongeBob SquarePants 
Statesman who led the transformation of Rome to an empire 
Actor known for his roles in American Dad, Chicken Little and The Emoji Movie 
Blade Runner, Indiana Jones actor 
Actress as Po in Teletubbies 
Actress as Sue in Glee 
Party of Five, Lost actor 
38th president of US 
Comedian of Peep Show 
Oscar winning actor of The Last King of Scotland 
TV host of Mythbusters and Unchained Reaction 
Chicago Fire, Trauma actor 
Once Upon a Time, Miami Medical actress 
Unknown, Inglourious Basterds actress 
Curious George, Megamind actor 
NFL running back of the Detroit Lions 
Child star of The Goonies and The Lost Boys 
Actress as Emma on Glee 
Actress of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara 
Legendary wild hair comedian of a bug's life 
Country singer of Rain is a Good Thing 
Knight Rider, Baywatch actor 
Dirty Dozen, The Hunger Games actor 
Cloverfield, The Help actor 
Actor of The Iron Giant and the Fast and the Furious films 
The first South African black chief executive 
Actress known as the voice of Anna in Frozen 
First astronaut to orbit the Earth 
Father of 19 Kids and Counting 
Gilmore Girls, Supernatural actor 
Sherlock, The Imitation Game actor 
Writer and producer of Zoboomafoo 
TV presenter of Blue Peter 
Bohemian Rhapsody singer, member of Queen 
Actress as Cristina in Grey's Anatomy 
Late high-pitched icon of OxiClean commercials 
Lead singer of Audioslave 
Arrested Development, Jurassic World actress 
Classic actress as Maria in West Side Story 
Late comedic actor of Aladdin and Robots 
Actor as Turkey Lurkey in Chicken Little 
Author of A Farewell to Arms 
Wild World, Where Do the Children Play singer 
The History Channel narrator, Gilmore Girls actor 
The Emperor's New Groove, Hotel Transylvania actor 
TV host of Jeopardy 
Actor as Sid in Ice Age 
Angels in the Outfield, Antz actor 
Broadcast News, Finding Nemo actor 
White Men Can't Jump, Free Birds actor 
Actor known as the portrayal of Harry Potter 
Late actor of Capote and The Hunger Games 
Director of Big Fat Liar and The Pink Panther 
6th Prime Minister of Malaysia 
Elmo's World, Rio 2 actress 
If You Had My Love, Waiting For Tonight singer 
First woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean 
Actress known as Wonder Woman 
True Blood, The Piano actress 
Actor as Joey on Friends 
Running back football player of the Chicago Bears 
Late child actor of Tom & Huck and American Girl 
Actress as Sophia in The Golden Girls 
Joan of Arcadia, Frasier actor 
a bug's life, American Beauty actor 
The Blind Side, Minions actress 
The Prince of Egypt, Monsters University actress 
Unibrowed character on Sesame Street, friends with Ernie 
Lead singer of The Rolling Stones 
Wrestler known as Hunter Hearst Helmsley 
SNL, Big Hero 6 actress 
Coach, The Judy Garland Show actor 
Actress as Piper in Orange is the New Black 
The Tudors, Dracula actor 
Actress as Rebecca on Full House 
Cartoonist of Garfield 
Wife of the 35th president of US 
Actress as Jesse on Saved by the Bell 
Canadian runner who battled osteosarcoma 
TV host of Project Runway 
Starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboy starting in 2016 
Actor as Ted in HIMYM 
Actor as Wesley in Star Trek 
Country Singer of Wild Angels 
Terminator actor, Governor of California from 2003-2011 
Easy A, The Boss Baby actress 
Founder of a Motor Company of his last name 
Boys Don't Cry, Million Dollar Baby actress 
CSI, Osmosis Jones actor 
Producer of Tom & Jerry 
Author of the Harry Potter books 
Voice actress of Siri 
Major League, Rising Sun actor 
Lead singer of his own band, Uncaged singer 

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