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Name these famous people who were born in June (5 per day)

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Sesame Street character that lives in a trash can 
Iconic actress of Some Like it Hot 
Iconic actor as the titular character in The Wizard of Oz 
TV actor of his own sitcom show in the 1960s 
Current actor as Spiderman 
Alvin and the Chipmunks, Accepted actor 
Comedian of Whose Line is it Anyway 
Wife of the 1st president of US 
Heroes, Star Trek actor 
TV host of Watch What Happens Live 
360 TV host on CNN 
Coronation Street, Ordinary Lies actress 
Deaf actor of Switched at Birth 
Voice actress as Young Elsa in Frozen 
Guitarist of Stereophonics 
Shark Tale, Kung Fu Panda actress 
Sexually Speaking, Between the Lions host 
Despicable Me 2, Hop actor 
Actor as Fred in Big Hero 6 
King of Great Britain and Ireland during the late 18th century 
Ted, The Fighter actor 
Comedian as a member of The Tenderloins 
Author of Percy Jackson 
Our House, My Two Dads actor 
Canadian hockey player of the Nashville Predators 
Cinderella Man, Robots actor 
Actor as Lucius in Harry Potter 
Actor as Freddy in A Nightmare on Elm Street 
Late child actor remembered as Ducky in The Land Before Time 
Golden Age artist as a portrait painter for the Spanish royal family 
Inside Out, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs actor 
Late R&B singer of Purple Rain 
iCarly, Gone Girl actress 
Comedian who partnered with Jerry Lewis 
Current vice president of US 
The College Dropout singer, wife of Kim Kardashian 
TV personality of her own talk show from 1986-1987 
Innovative architect who sought to blend buildings 
Actor as George's dad on Seinfeld, father of Ben 
Wife of 41st president of US 
Actor known for voicing Milo in Atlantis The Lost Empire, diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 
Oscar winner actress of Black Swan 
Parenthood, Arrested Development actress 
Actress as Angela on Bones 
Actor/dancer as Hunter on The Next Step 
Iconic actress as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz 
Husband of Queen Elizabeth 2 
Actress as Vanessa in 2 Austin Powers films 
R&B singer who was signed by Sean Combs to Bad Boy Entertainment 
Model named Rookie of the Year in 2011 
Late actor as Willy Wonka 
Transformers, Indiana Jones actor 
Actor known as Dr. Cockroach in Monsters vs Aliens 
Late reality star of Jackass 
TV host as a health expert on his own show since 2009 
Actress known as Maria on Sesame Street 
Holocaust victim whose diary describes her family's evasion of the Nazis 
41st president of US 
Actor as Gomer on The Andy Griffith Show 
Billionaire who became the oldest in the world 
Toy Story, The Santa Clause actor 
Actor known for playing Bob on Sesame Street 
Actor known for playing Captain America 
Thor, The Avengers, Mamma Mia actor 
Twin sisters of Full House 
45th and current president of US 
Singer and actor as the Snowman of Rudolph 
Actress as Aria in Pretty Little Liars 
Actor as Diggie in Liv and Maddie 
English comedian/actor who presented many documentaries of animals 
Comedic actor as Slinky in Toy Story 
The Smurfs, Undercover Brother actor 
Actress as Monica on Friends 
Rapper of NWA, Are We There Yet actor 
Prominent country singer who also worked for driving trucks 
Actress known for her voice roles in Toy Story and Meet the Robinsons 
Actor as Grandpa Joe in Willy Wonka 
Late rapper known as 2Pac 
WWF icon who changed his name to Warrior 
Native American hero of the Apache Wars 
Tennis player who won Australian Open in 1998, sister of Serena 
Republican speaker from 1995-1999 
As Good as it Gets, Robots actor 
Singer of I Write the Songs and Mandy 
Dr. Who, Legends of Tomorrow actor 
Multi-instrumentalist of the Beatles 
Country singer of Austin 
Father of the 44th president of US 
Game of Thrones, Cinderella actor 
Actor as Jay in The Fugitive 
Leader actor of the 3 Stooges 
Body Heat, Who Framed Roger Rabbit actress 
Avatar, Star Trek actress 
Opposites Attract singer, panelist of American Idol 
The Hobbit, Poldark actor 
Monsters Inc, The Emperor's New Groove, Bee Movie actor 
Moulin Rouge, Happy Feet actress 
R&B singer of Truly and Dancing on the Ceiling 
Co-writer of many songs of the Beach Boys 
Bassist of the rock group Duran Duran 
Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World actor 
Eldest son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana 
Actor as Zander in How to Rock 
Cape Fear, Natural Born Killers actress 
Basketball sideline reporter with flamboyant suits 
The Devil Wears Prada, The Iron Lady actress 
TV host of Total Request Live 
Boys Over Flowers, The Heirs actor 
Flamboyant pop singer of Girls Just Want to Have Fun 
NFL quarterback of the St. Louis Rams 
TV host as a judge on American Idol 
Actress as Bernadette in The Big Bang Theory 
Legally Blonde, Cruel Intentions actress 
Athlete who won 3 gold medals at the 1960 Rome Olympics 
Soccer midfielder of Juventus and Real Madrid 
Despicable Me, Wreck it Ralph, Inside Out actress 
Soccer player of FC Barcelona 
Just Jordan, Good Luck Charlie actress 
Younger sister of Beyonce 
Actress as Cece on Pretty Little Liars 
Night at the Museum, Muppets Most Wanted actor 
Careless Whisper, Bad Boy singer 
You're So Vain, With a Few Good Friends singer 
Author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar 
Actress as Angela in The Office 
NY Yankees shortstop with 5 World Series Championships 
Actress as April in Parks and Recreation 
Parks and Recreation, 21 Jump Street actor 
Batman Forever, Grey's Anatomy actor 
Actor as Jack on Will & Grace 
Actor known for his starring role in Drake & Josh 
Actor known as Spiderman 
Deaf & blind woman who became a suffragist and leftist political activist 
Actor as Neville in Harry Potter 
Reality personality for starring Supernanny 
Puppeteer of The Muppets and Between the Lions 
Blazing Saddles director, Robots actor 
About Schmidt, Bee Movie actress 
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Monk actress 
Say Anything, 16 Candles actor, brother of Joan 
Actress as Veronica in Riverdale 
Entourage, Lethal Weapon actor 
Voice actor of Attack on Titan and Wabbit 
Champion of the 10th season of The X Factor 
2nd place winner of Dancing with the Stars in 2012 
Boxing legend who became the undisputed heavyweight champion in 1987 
Red shirt member of The Wiggles 
Most decorated Olympic athlete with 28 medals 
Actress as Janis in Mean Girls 
NBA basketball player who joined the Houston Rockets in 2014 

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