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Appointed leader of the United Nations forces during the Korean War; disobeyed Truman by instigating the Chinese Army and was relieved of his duties
Act that united the military branches under the new Department of Defense; also created the National Security Council (NSC)
21-point economic and social reform plan instituted by President Truman
Program in which the United States spent $13 billion to restore the economies of 16 Western European countries
Speech by the Eisenhower's Vice Presidential candidate concerning a dog as an illegal gift; won the hearts of the American public and soon forgiven
Act passed in 1947 that reduced the power of labor unions and organizations, while still allowing them to retain the right to collective bargaining
Leader of the Chinese Communists; established People's Republic of China in October 1949
Pact signed between the United States, Canada, and some Western European countries (NATO)
Act that banned the lack of citizenship and immigration for the Japanese and other Asians
Truman's theory of the spread of communism from one country to the next
Formed by Mexican-Americans in the Southwest in order to fight back discrimination
Port town in South Korea where the largest counteroffensive of the war was staged by UN forces; able to recapture Seoul and invade North Korean territory soon after
Document stating that the U.S. would resist Soviet military power and support free countries receiving pressure from outside Communist pressures
'An _________ has descended across the continent.' - Winston Churchill
One of the most famous cases during the Second Red Scare; couple who were found to be Soviet spies and given the electric chair in 1953
Elected president of South Korea in 1948
Nation created in May 1948 in the Middle East of predominantly Jewish people, supported by the United States and President Truman
Name of the transport of 2.3 million tons of goods into West Berlin via U.S. and British pilots following Stalin's blockade of East Germany's roads and rail lines
Term describing the act of allied countries supplying military support for each other when necessary (issued by NATO)
Term coined during the Cold War that described countries that had not yet developed industrial economies
'Father of Containment'; wrote the Long Telegram, a rationale for the hard-lined foreign policy
Nickname given to the group of film writers and directors who were all suspected of being Communists and all served jail sentences
Communist leader of North Korea following the division of Korea
Country that was split into two sections (East and West) by the Allies following World War II
Act that called for the building of 810,000 new housing units built in the United States; only 61,000 had been built by the end of Truman's presidency
Organization that looked into suspicious government officials and released lists of suspected communists
Suspected Republican Party winner of the Election of 1948, some newspapers even printed stories claiming his victory before the final votes were tallied; former New York governor
Integrated Major League Baseball, joining the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947 and winning the Rookie of the Year Award
Military treaty signed between the Soviet Union, the People's Republic of China, and the Eastern bloc countries
Secretary of State who proposed the aid of Western European economies
Wisconsin Senator who accused many high officials of being Communists and brought about the Second Red Scare
Undersecretary of State who claimed that if Greece and Turkey fell to communism, 3/4 of the world would also fall to communism
Served as Vice President to Dwight D. Eisenhower
Democratic candidate who lost to Dwight D. Eisenhower in the Election of 1952

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