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A single type of media, such as magazines.
A single carrier, such as Sports Illustrated.
The percentage of individuals who tune into a particular program for a specific time.
A group that has been defined as having real sales potential for the brand.
GRP stands for...
%Category sales / %Population =
%Brand Sales/ %Population =
The number or percentage of different individuals who tune in, listen to, read, or interact with the media over a specific time period.
The number of times an individual or household is exposed to an advertising message ver a certain period of time.
The number of chances for your ad to be seen in any medium
Cost of message unit / Gross impressions =
Heavy advertising, followed by no advertising.
Constant advertising with pulses of heavier advertising.
What is the population of the United States?
How many TV households are there, approximately?
Figures that tell advertisers precisely the number of copies of a publication sold or distributed.
Some magazines have more than one reader, computed as..
Describes a range of activies involving personalized contact with a customer or prospect.
The revenue that is spent on paid advertising in mass media (network television and newspapers) and specialized media (cable and magazines).
Promotional expenditures that are not allocated in above-the-line media. Consists primarily of sales promotion, PR, and event marketing.

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