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Forced Order
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'Yes love, I love your fu@%ing attitude. Because the ni**a that play pussy, iss the ni**a thats gettin screwed.'
'yeah, walkin that line with alot on my mind, i get that money never droppin a dime i dont hate.'
'Drove to the pad to hit the shower, didnt even get no static from the cowards. cuz just yesterday them fools tried to blast me, saw the police and they rolled right passed me.'
'im tired of the mother fu**in jackin, sweatin my gang while im chillin in the shack'n they shinnn they light in my face and for what? Maybe it because i kick so much butt.'
'click clackin, pistol packin, crip raggin folio, who the only ni**a in the club with a toolio?'
'They know da kid aint goin for that bulls**t, tryin to stick me on my lil four four clip.'
'so we livin life like a video... where the sun is always out and we never get old, and the champagne's always cold and the music's always good... and all the pretty girls just hap
'Look at these eyes, baby blue, baby just like yourself'
'3-57 slugs with a snub nose, dray eight. Settin all you bi***es straight.'
'i said yo fred, you got me all wrong. i aint partners with nobody with nails that long. look man, ill be honest, this team wont work. the girls wont be on you fred, look your face
have you ever met a girl that you tried to date? yet a year to make love she wanted you to wait.'
'Dropped a mix tape, that s**t sounded like an albulm, who would have thought that a country wide tour would be the outcome? labels want my name beside the X like Malcolm. Everybod

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