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'i dont like to brag, so my b*****s brag for me.'
'Ithink they sippin on some 'i can f**** with him' juice, test me if you want to man, i can knock a limb loose.'
'syrup got me slow, like a turtle around this hoe, and im flyer than the highest flyin bird around this hoe'
'young money theives, steal your love and leave.
'so sick need a doc yes. a creature, monster like the lochness. i gets hotter by the tok as i sizzle to death, i just tell the clock give me a sec.'
'i walk up in the world and cut the lights off, and confidence is a stain they cant wipe off.'
'ok, i can transform ya, like a transformer.'
' hey hoe how ya doin? me, im doin err f***in thing. smokin them dykes im on that mary f****in jane.'
'she had it all figured out, but she left me with a broken heart.'

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